After being contributor in Element, does it affect VH sales?

Hi guys,
2 weeks ago, I got an invitation from Envato Elements and I accepted to be an Elements contributor. He told me that I can start to enable my products as publishing available in Elements but I have to wait for “Engagement Team” will be in touch soon to explain the next steps.

My questions;

1- Nobody has contacted me yet. How long does it take to contact?
2- After I enabled Elements in my products, sales stopped. It really did and it makes me think like if there is an algorithm not to show you or shows your products less after you enabled Elements in them. Maybe in order to highlight only VH exclusive products, they are reducing VH + Elements products in searches.

Pure coincidence. The existence of Elements may affect your VH sales, but being a contributor on Elements has no effect on your VH sales.

It took one week for them to send me I guess 4 emails with the next steps. And I agree with SpaceStockFootage about the Elements.