After 5 years of dedication I finally reached Elite level!

Hello fellow members!

It is hard to describe the UTOPISTIC feeling that I’ve now reached
my goal that was set in January 2012!

I want to dedicate this milestone to Matti Lieskala of Videoflame productions for introducing
me to Videohive when I was still working for local TV-production company AND Envato
for providing this beyond awesome platform and community!

Starting to make After Effects templates for Videohive
has been one of the biggest or maybe THE biggest turning point of my life so far.
When I made my first sale and add up that I would make 50$ extra that month I saw the opportunity
to break away from my current workplace at the time where I was very stressed and unhappy.
I was able to unleash the ideas and brain farts to my templates and it was like THERAPY in my
situation where I basically just took orders to create someone else’s ideas…

Little by little my CONFIDENCE grew and by November 2014 I had made a decent portfolio
and I quit my job at the end of the month!

I can’t underline enough the impact of monetary FREEDOM and free time that comes with it!
That there is actually room in your head for things and thoughts beyond paying the bills
and constantly worrying how to survive the next month…


I truly LOVE you guys and bow DEEPLY to show you my life lasting GRATITUDE
for providing me the opportunity to be where and who I am today!

THANK YOU!:heart:



Congratulations buddy!

That’s an amazing acomplishment! As a junior videohiver, I’m curious if you have any tips/tricks or other wisedom that you can share? :slight_smile: As you just mentioned, the idea of being economically flexible to work full time on videohive and have creative freedom sounds like a dream!


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Thank you!

One advise I can give is take it step by step,
one project at a time and you will get there :wink:
I’ve had tens of hard rejects on my way
but looking back I’m just grateful most of them didn’t make it to my portfolio! :smiley:
Visualize what you want and it will materialize :slight_smile:

Congrats! Elite bage is amazing! :champagne::birthday::+1:

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Awesome achievement. :tada: Congratulations!

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Congrats dude… I’ll be joining you tomorrow, or at some point over the weekend!

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Awesome! :blush:

Cheers! :+1:

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Congratulations that’s awesome to hear.

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Congratulations! @Wynio :tada:

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