After 3 rejections before i upload a new track..can you give me some feedback?

I’m working on something new and my last three tracks were rejected because I don’t think they were conventional enough for AJ plus mix and mastering. This track is pretty out there but I think there could be use for it and I have similae tracks already in my portfolio. please tell me what you think about this track before i upload…is the mix master ok? I feel like a new sound is needed when the first synth comes in before drums drop…what do you think? Thanks guys/girls.

As for me - great idea of track. Good arrangement. Good for psychedelic videos, social advertisement.

But there is big problems with mixing and mastering. Too many frequency conflicts, drums sounds too plastic. Pay your attention on it. Anyway - track sounds very original and interesting, but requires serious improvements.

Thanks. I need some help with mixing and mastering. Can you provide some tips? Thanks.

There are tons of tutorials on you-tube. Also advise u to read David Gibson - Art of Mixing. This is “must-read” for any musitian or sounproducer))). Also you can watch video tutorial based on this book.

bump. anybody else?


I kinda like this track; it somehow reminds me of scooter - she’s the sun (maybe the drums, the atmosphere). In my opinion the bassline starting from 1:27 makes to much motion and distracts me from the main theme. What I would do: reduce the tempo a bit, add a warm pad on the background, make the rythm more casual (airy), maybe add a little reverb on the snare and make it more flowing. I like the melodic line starting at 0:53 - I would develop that more and make it the centre of attention. I have nothing to say about mixing, mastering - as it is now it seems good. I hope my few ideas makes sense to you :slight_smile:

Best wishes and good luck!