After 18 days review my hrm system has been rejected without any validation reason.

Please help me why this item has been rejected?
it’s a Complete Human Resource Management System
demo URL:
admin login
password: password

password: password

At least give me a valid reason why my item is not quality standard.

Same with me i think they should provide a valid reason just defining quality standard will not let us improve our code and when we post on forum nobody reply because we can’t disclose source code for community to check

it takes more than 2 months to complete that app they just replied not quality standard after 18 days reviews. it’s really disappointing.

i am not being rude for envato staff but if we are giving time for making our application at least your staff can take time for reviewing it and replying back with a valid reason just pre loaded quality reply is not good for any rejected item owner.
It feels very disappointing and we are thinking like what have we done in it , is it code, is it the features, WHAT EXACTLY refers to the quality ?

I think reviewer review Item step by step and may be they check design and features in first step. If any Item not pass then the item got hard reject and reviewer don’t like to give much time to tell Author details. Because in this way the length of review time will go so long because everytday Review Team have to review thousand of Items. So, it is really not possible to check and write details for each hard rejected Item. If any Item have issues but can be solved with some touchung then the item got soft reject and then reviewer tell where is the problem and what should to fix.

So, with respect to know the Market standard first please study more on trending Items of this market especially released within the last 12 months. Best of luck for your next submit.


I agree but at least reviewer can tell it’s design or feature even reviewer does not have time to tell a choice from these 2 words
Design / Features or overall rejection.
My item was Instant games creator that has not come in the market yet even FB Instant games is a new platform they said me that it’s not quality standard

Will try next time to follow trends not new niche.

Actually I think quality standard is not only a portion as like design/features/coding. It is a quality of full pack of the Item. When you will think about design you have to maintain proper SPACING AND ALIGNMENT, TYPOGRAPHIC & VISUAL HIERARCHY, COLOR …etc. When coding have to miantain quality coding style. Would be great if you check trending Items of your submitted category especially released within the last 12 months. Please don’t upset we all Authors (intro to elite) has experience of hard reject. So, study more then strat to preparing a new product hope you will do better for your next submit. Thanks