After 12 time soft now rejected

mmmmm realy professional the team of envato after 12 time in soft reject and the team continue to write the same automatic phrase of error and i correct the layout, add my theme in hard reject, i think you need to be realy lucky for go live in Enavato because it s alot part of team controller who look in the subjective structure correction.

this is the DEMO:

after 5 month to follow this stupid soft rejectr


Hi @ThemeOxygen

I am sorry to know that you got rejected. Please don’t panic and be cool.

As far I can guess Review Team was trying to fix the issues come at the time of review and they gave you chance 12 times but may be at the time of fixing you have changed something which should not changed or the mentioned issues was not solved with quality or at the time of fixing you have changed the design something which was not in your first submit.

Please be patience and study on the issues and your fixing hope you will understand and will make a perfect quality item for your next submit.


Hello @ThemeOxygen ,

you really done a fantastic job. they rejected cause you didn’t fix their issue well and submit it one by one.If you make this post before rejected then it was approved i think.
Here is one issue i’m giving you a screenshot

Did you read this red color easily ?

Also need to improve typography here

hope next time you will done well.


ok i try to change something but it s not enought
other suggestion? for the supervisor envato?


try with submission let see what are they reply.

rejected :frowning:

some suggestions?