Affiliate URLs


I have a question about the affiliate urls.

In the example below there is a ranking tag at the end of the url (?s_rank=1)

Does it matter if I do not include it in my affiliate URL? And just make my URL as below?

Regards, Brendan

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Hey Brendan and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Yes you can remove the s_rank parameter and its value but then you’ll need to replace the & before the ref parameter with ?; otherwise your referral code won’t work.

So your URL should look like this:

Hope this helps.

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Hi Thanks for confirming this for me.

However, I have noticed something a little strange

The link detailed above directs to the info/buy page.

But, if I load up the ‘demo’ page with a url like this:

and add it to the affiliate link generator it returns:

it has an ‘&ref=myname’ not a ‘?ref=myname’ as you stated above.

Is this correct? Or, should I change the ‘& to ?’

Regards, Brendan

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Yes that’s correct. If there are more than one parameter, the first one takes ? and the remaining parameters take &'s.

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Thank you for clarification :slight_smile: