Affiliate MLM, for Registered Agent to use for Advertising

Hi Sir/Mam,
I want to enquire on buying a Affiliate MLM plugin for my Real Estate website.
However, I would like the MLM that work by Agent paying money for credit points, and when the Agent place an add, it’ll deducted by credit points…

Any of his downline whom registered and may payment for credit points, the upline will also get paid by credit points added into (upper level) the up level account.
Also, I need to have a group of Property Agent (first 20 or 50 Agent) to be registered and advertise for free (either whole life or maybe 2 year free advertising on my website)

Anyway can recommend if you have this kind of function available, maybe you have, but it’s pay upline commission (cash) from downline income, else maybe just need to do some minor adjustment to your software available now ?

Also, please advise your Affiliate MLM software cost ?