Affiliate links code questions

Hi @emile_b !

I have two questions.

  1. Does opening the affiliate link on a new window with target="_blank", which adds to the rel attribute the value nofollow affect the attribution of my affiliate links? Same question for rel="nofollow".

  2. If I create an affiliate link to the demo page of an item, and the customer purchases the item from there, does it credit me as a referrer?

Thanks a lot in advanced! :slight_smile:

hi this is Chris Philip.

  1. your first question answer is affiliate links should always remain no follow in a button or anywhere which is used in this website it should be no follow and should remain as a referrer link.
  1. 2nd answer is if you have created an amazon or any other affiliate account of any affiliate program and you place that links in your demo page which is given by affiliate program and if the user purchases anything through your link. as shown in this website then the credit will go to your affiliate account as a referrer
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