Affiliate Links and front Pics from Themeforest to our site

Hello There,
I need some information regarding Affiliate program, Is it legal to get WordPress theme’s template front pics from themeforest and add these pics on my website and will linked to the themeforest same template’s demo, when any visitor of my website will click on that pic, he/she will redirect to the same demo site into the themeforest website, he can explore the demos, buy the themes etc…or client can select the template/demo and give us the order to create a website for him, so we will buy the same template from themeforest for our client.

I hope you will be understand that what i mean. So please answer it.

More simple way

1: We will get front pics of templates from themeforest. 2: pics will added to our site and linked to themeforest, customer will click on the pic on our website and redirect to themeforest. 3: customer will explore themeforest and select a theme/demo. 4: Customer will order on our website to create a site with selected demo on themeforest. 5: We will buy theme from themeforest and develop the site for client.

The question is that, is it legal to get front pics of themes and showcase on our website?

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You need to be accepted to the affiliates programme first Envato Affiliates - Programs

I beleive that when you set the landing page it offers you snippets to link/preview images so you do not download/borrow images from the preview etc and host it all yourself.

Best option is to ask affiliates support

@charlie4282 Thanks a lot for your reply with a beneficial suggestion. Sure I will contact with affiliate support.
Thanks again.