Affiliate Earning Withdraw

what is the method for withdraw money from affiliate earning?

Hi @imran464

You have 2 options to withdraw:

  1. Paypal
  2. Bank Wire Transfer


can you please tell me. what is the difference between bank wire transfer and bank tranfer.

You can setup your local bank account with affiliate withdrawal option.
you do no need to do more something.

thank you.:blush:

Hello @imran464

You can withdraw as @mgscoder said

But there must be minimum amount $50 for withdraw

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Both are same When you will go to settings for withdrawal you will see details there. For bank transfer one more thing you will need SWIFT code. you can collect code SWIFT code from your bank.


I prefer Bank wire over Paypal. My paypal has gotten limited because of no reason.

Bank takes time but eventually your money is safe