Affiliate Credit Not Counted

I’m a Affiliate Marketer Working at
I Recommend One Of My Client To Purchase Publisher Theme From My Affiliated Link…
And He Done So…
But I Don’t Get Any Affiliate Credit.
It’s Happened 2 Times With Me…
Affiliate Credit Couldn’t Credit on My Account.

What Can I Do.?

Did they already have Envato accounts or were they new to Themeforest? The affiliate system only gives credit for new users.

Yes They Are First Time Buyers…!

Hi There @5unnyKum4r ,
Yes the comments in reply to your post are correct the affiliate commission is only payable when certain criteria is met. Full terms can be seen here. The person you were trying to refer may have visited Envato Market within 90 days or may have purchased an item previously and already had an account.

I will look in to this further for you and aim to come back to you with some insights.
Thanks for your co-operation.