AF template & inserting my own video- HELP!

I’m using a video template in AE, most people I’ve seen asking questions are asking how to extend the template to use a longer video of their own. My question is what could be wrong with what I’m doing when I have a template, I insert my video into the proper place for what appears to be the right length but does not play at the proper speed or in it’s entirety. I only require 8 seconds of my own video footage when I watch how long it is on their video, I insert it into the project but it doesn’t appear long enough when I view the timeline and yet when it plays out it won’t play the whole video and plays at a very slow speed. (which is at the same FPS so yes I checked that). I’m not sure if I’m making it clear what my issue really is and if someone has a solution. I just know that I have messaged the creators of the template with a photos I sent that got me a response of yes you’re putting it in the right place, maybe this is a problem you’re having exporting your video from Premiere Pro which I’m not familiar with. I’ve tried asking other questions but I’m obviously not getting my question across right because I’m not getting a solution. SMH, this could be a totally easy fix but I’m not getting it.