AE Template Pixilated & Washed Out: What's My Malfunction?

This is my second time working with a template for a show open. First go around, all worked great, but this time images added to project look washed out and pixilated. Am I missing a setting or some other magic? I’m using the “Simple News Opener” Compare the original image with the screen shot of the rendered one. I thought maybe it was some funky effect, but the demo doesn’t look like this.


Is that a screenshot of the video you’ve rendered, or just the workspace within AE? If so, make sure it’s set to full resolution. If it’s a rendered video, check the properties to make sure you’re not rendering an SD version rather than HD.

What is the resolution of the image you’re using? If it has to be scaled up a lot to fill the box, then that could be the issue.

Either way, the best person to speak to is the author of the template.

Sometimes I amaze myself with my own derpiness. 1. CUDA processing was turned off. 2. I WAS looking at the preview and not a rendered product. Everything’s groovy, nothing to see here, move along…

Thanks a bunch! You da man–uh…OTTER!