AE template for Mac


I am new to videohive and have created a simple After effect tempate in windows. Do I need to prepare a version for Mac even before sending it for quality check or windows based after effects templates are accepted.

Also, is it compulsory to make a video tutorial or help file could work. I am really scared for hard rejection

There is no Mac version needed, it will work the same on Mac.

SoulDesign has answered the first question.
The second one, yes, you must include a video tutorial or a help file explaining how to make the basic customizations (logos, texts, photos, etc…). however, it doesn’t need to be super detailed, but customers would appreciate that :smiley:.

p.s you can share your preview here, therefore some authors may provide you some insights into your template.

@SoulDesign @OsamaSayegh, thank you for helping me out.

As per your suggestion, please check the video link mentioned below :-:

Do let me know what more I can do, so my template gets selected. I would request you to be harsh enough, so I don"t have to face any hard rejections.