AE Project Hard rejected. Why?

Hard rejected by Videohive moderator without explanation - standard letter. Why?

P.S. The project was collected very qualitatively, video help was attached.
I am sure that this project could be sold more than once. Instead, there are losses.

  • 1920X1080 30fps
  • No plugins need
  • 10 light effects
  • 10 compositions
  • Modular project
  • Very fast result
  • Can up to 112 images
  • Can use photo/video/text
  • Video tutorial included
  • Photo and music not included

    0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:08, 0:10

  • There aren’t any scenes with the close-ups. There are only scenes with the general wide shots.They are too similar. It’s a little bit boring. I guess it will be better if you will combinate different type of zoom

    I think it’s useless - the project is so qualitative - And this is not so important. I lost 2 weeks.
    The whole project is redone - Still a long time - This is a big loss.
    He and so would have been sold… but…

    Thank …

    You asked, I answered. If you are sure that your project is so qualitative, then why do you ask for a people’s opinion?

    As we see, reviewer does not consider that your project is so qualitative, too.

    There is a close-up and general plan Many people - many opinions. I asked why it was thrown out. For this, the necessary good reasons, and not just subjective impressions. The standard letter does not explain anything, but simply removes this work from the sale
    I just do not know how to work like this anymore

    Just don’t give up! :wink: I know, it’s very hard when you got rejected

    Thank you for the kind words. It’s a pity time and work, which will not see the buyer

    Disposal of goods. No use, neither to the author, nor to the buyers. Loss of time and money. /: