AE Project Hard rejected - Need advises


My last project was rejected. Can you help me to understand what i have done wrong ?
thanks for your help

Graphics looks quite nice actually. Here is what i saw. First of all, photos are not looking like they belong to overall design. You might think a style to adapt them to cardboards. Second is cardboard and background are almost same color. You can try to darken background color and give some depth. If you used camera its a bit too much tele. You can try wide angle camera this way we can perceive more depth instead of isometric like look. You can also add some in animation to the texts. Other things are while the texture of white cardboards looking good, i didnt see texture in red ones. You can also add some light sweep to gold ornaments to make them shine a bit.

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Thanks for your tips. Unfortunately it’s a hard reject. I won’t be allowed to take account of your advises !

Emmanuel D’ESTAING

This is why we advice my friend a soft reject doesnt require advice. Just correct it and upload again.