AE Output movie appear to be lagging / jerky


Guys may i know whats the reason that the after effects output file (.avi) is lagging / jerky when played? It is some free after effects template project file i have downloaded and rendered myself (without modifying anything inside of course) for testing purposes.

Im using the DivxX software to play.

Is it problems with some setting during the rendering process? Please advice.


Try .Mov :wink:


Render the project as a quicktime movie, jpeg compression @ 90% quality and play it with the quicktiime player. You shouldn’t have any more problems :wink:


Yea it worked indeed as .Mov (quicktime) ! thanks so much guys XD! btw where can i find the jpeg compression quality level adjustments? Im using AE-CS 5

Again many thanks!


When you select quicktime as your format there is a button “format options” :slight_smile:


Even if I render as .mov I still get a jerky/lagging video. What the hell am I doing wrong?


Maybe After Effects wrong interpreted file FPS. Right click on file in project panel -> interpret footage. Compare AE fps with file original fps.


Sounds a bit like your system / hardware can’t handle the data rate. I assume your output is HD?

Have a look over at Creative Cow forums as well.