AE Extension That Creates TikTok-style Captions Rejected - Looking for Advice

I created an After Effects extension to easily create TikTok-style captions with multi-line support and font and color presets, but it was rejected. Any advice on why? I created the extension because I couldn’t find any tool that could reliably create multi-line captions that looked like TikTok’s—specifically how the caption widths are different for each line of text and how the corners are rounded the way they are (most either create a single rectangle around the whole text layer or the corner radius isn’t correct). I have a lot of corporate clients who want their ads to look and feel native to TikTok, and manually creating the captions to match the app is tedious and time-consuming. I thought this would be a useful tool for other editors in the same boat.

Here’s a video preview I submitted to show how the app works:

Would appreciate any advice! Thank you!

Hi, I think your project was rejected cause you just literally re-created the typing-in text and adding a graphic experience and didn’t add anything extra. Even with native After Effects you can write captions and add static graphics behind very quickly. Just with your tool, you can do it like half a minute quicker at best. But that simply is not enough.

Also, your auto graphics adding tool doesn’t even auto-resize the graphics as you type in the text. Other template creators have been using this feature for years already, both in cube shape graphics and rounded corners ones. Just look at the market by searching for auto-resizing title projects.

Additionally, you added no additional animations or designs, nothing. Meanwhile, projects approved on videohive offer not just the ability to type text and add static graphics with changeable colors, but also give plenty of cool designs, great animations, and other features.

You simply reinvented the wheel that didn’t need to be reinvented, instead of creating additional things to make the wheel look and move in cool ways.

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