AE Expressions copyright violation.


Hello everyone. :slight_smile:

I have some doubts about using an expression system from other videohive project, that was both by me a few months ago. Is it copyright violation?..if all visual part that consist in the project are made by myself, or it is only universal code that you can copy/paste with out any consequences?..

Thanks for you answers!


I’ve seen plenty people re-upload the same project over and over, just with some elements switched and flipped. Only god knows why this is allowed, i could literally spam 3-4 items per week just by re-using assets from older projects. Yet people do it and it’s alright apparently.(I do understand that keeping track of all projects to know what’s new or just re-hashed is difficult though)

But in your case, since we’re talking about expressions, i think it’s completely fine.


Thanks Voxyde !! I agree, its realy important when you are trying to bring something unique or new to the market, but sometimes (if we talking about expressions) you can safe your time by copying them to your project!


I’d be careful here, code is copyrighted as well of course.

If you need to copy paste it from another author’s project, then the code is so sophisticated that you cannot reproduce it on your own and that is a strong indicator to me that the original author will not be fine with you using his code.

edit/ I think @Voxyde misunderstood your first post. He’s not using his own code in a new file, he is taking it from another author’s project.


If the expression is yours, then what Voxyde said. If it’s not, then what Creattive said, and I have suggestion for you. If you know what the expression does, go ahead and describe what it does in The Expression Thread, hopefully you’ll get some help there.