AE CC2014 Quicktime bug?


Hey guys, I have a problem. I have some alpha mattes rendered in CS6 as Quicktime Photo-Jpeg alpha only. That gives me a black and white video, basically a luma matte.

I can import the matte in AE CS6 just fine.
In CC2014 they are not black and white, but green and flicker every frame in their luminance. Totally unusable.

Anyone know that problem? I couldn’t find anything with google…



The only time I’ve had green flickering frames in footage was when I was using XDCAM footage, even when I’d bought the codec that you had to buy back in the day before you could work with them in After Effects. That probably doesn’t help you, but you never know. Worth sharing I guess.


cc2015 has the same problem…


hey @Creattive did you ever manage to figure out how to fix that problem?


Hey Johnny, I had to rerender all the mattes to be able to use them in CC2014/2015.

Still no idea what the problem was.