AE broadcast template does not work. Missing


Missing Elements and need a refund. Will purchase another template

REF ~ videohive-11439235-kids-tv-broadcast-package


You should contact author of the template.


True, I didn’t pay him/her though. I don’t have the time to deal with a buggy product and am on a deadline. I’m sure you know how that is. Just simply need a refund.


I don’t know how it works on Videohive nut with Themeforest you would need to be refunded by the author.

Nevertheless check this and you can submit a request here

Envato will still need to check the file etc. so it won’t be instantaneous esp. on a weekend.


To be more precise, I was thinking you should contact him to resolve issues with product. But, as I can see you are missing Element 3D Plugin and in template description it clearly says it requires Element 3D plugin. You don’t have “damaged” product, you are just missing plugin.
Here you have everything explained about refunds

Again, I am advising you to contact the author. Hope I was helpful.