Adwords Compaign for Marketing



Hello Everyone,

I am looking for to do some adwords marketing for my product, does any one have experience with adwords,and can share knowledge with me.?


I’ve also searching that answer and I’ve asked many of our envato colleagues with enormous sales - nobody answers sincerely, just “you know, you must make great quality music etc…” but we all know the truth!! NOBODY WON’T TELL YOU - it’s a secret :frowning:
There’s on audiojungle maaaany of us making great music but didn’t manage to make good sales.
Or just regular type of advertisement but very expensive one - I don’t know.

Eee … life goes on :slight_smile:


First make good product. Then every visit of Your product add client to Your Adwords Remarketing list. Then for second and next products You can push Ads direct to Your visitors and people who are interesting in that kind of products. For using Adwords in other way You need to have not small money for invest. And in my opinion, I use Adwords from 2008 ,Google loses battle with fraud clicks.


Hey! All what you need - to set retargeting and google partners. You don’t need a google search traffic. For a start this is ideal I think.


Thank you very much, I must learn little about this stuff because It’s new to me. Thank you both for sharing this :slight_smile:
If anyone has any ideas to share and/or secrets about this theme many of us would be very greatful
Good sale friends !!