Advice with hard rejected theme: Landscaping WordPress Theme

Hey everyone,

This is a landscaping WordPress theme. You can demo it here:

There is also a setup video to show how it works (just click the “Watch Setup Video” button):

I am a non-exclusive Theme Author with Theme Forest. I am looking to get constructive feedback about the above Theme that was hard rejected. It is a theme that I have sold over 100 times on my own website and over 50 times on Creative Market. All customers are very happy with the theme and I’ve had nothing but glowing/happy reviews from customers who have used it thus far.

I submitted it to Theme Forest and I programmed-in something to let me know when the file was opened (it does a call-home) and I saw that the files were not even opened by the reviewer. This leads me to believe that they simply didn’t care for the design (as they didn’t look at the code or customizations options at all).

I opened a ticket with Envato to see if I could get more information about why this is the case but they simply said they couldn’t provide any information and that I should open a forum issue here.

I would really appreciate any constructive feedback from users here about what you think might be missing and what could be improved upon. While I know none of you know the actual reasons the reviewer chose not to accept (because Envato does not release those reasons anywhere), I do appreciate you trying to take your best guesses at why. Thanks a lot!

  • Additional Info: All Images seen are taken by myself and licenses to use them are fully included with the Theme.

The problem here is the quality of the design.

In TF up every day more and more the standards of product quality and because of that is that its design can not be accepted.

talk to your designer and I am sure he can make changes to improve or restructure your entire project.

Good luck

I am the designer. If you could elaborate on the specific parts of the design you feel are lacking, that would be much more helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

When speaking of design quality without specifying a particular section speaks of design as a whole is “everything”

In its current product typographical errors exist, both focal and proximity. And errors that hierarchy joined sections with simple fillings paragraphs long, using the same font in both the title and descriptions.

These are some of the reasons why your product has a low quality for TF.

Remember, do not try to belittle his work only to a point of view to help

@Th3s Thanks for that response and your continued attempts to guess why the design was rejected. Could you please elaborate on the typographical errors that you feel exist? For example, please elaborate on why it is incorrect to have the same font for a title and a description. I have seen this technique used successfully in other themes on Theme Forest - for example:

That theme uses Open Sans for both its titles and descriptions. This is in direct contrast to your described opinion about fonts. Could you explain why that theme would be accepted despite doing the exact same thing and also using a very similar layout?

Also, what does “simple fillings paragraphs long” mean? Are you saying that text should not be simple and short and easy to read? This is a design technique seen on almost every modern website so I am confused by that statement.

Is there an Envato handbook on design which specifies that descriptions must be a different font than the title? If so, please send me a link I can read through - that would be much appreciated!