advice typographie after effect template

HI guys,

What do you think about this typography template, do you think it can be accepted ?

:pray: :pray:

Hey, sorry to say this but there’s no chance of this project getting accepted.

And that’s because you are offering the buyer basically nothing - just a flashing text synchronized to music with stock footage. I can write this myself in that font in a few seconds, so why buy it?

People buy these templates cause they offer intricate designs, superb interesting animations, or lots of both things, and this allows clients to use them instantly, without having to spend months or years learning how to create the same effects and then creating them.

So for clients to want your project you need to add value to them and make them interesting like with design elements, graphics animations, and complex and interesting visual effects on the text, which would update as you edit and change the text.

Currently, your project looks like what my very very very rough preview of a projects idea might look like, like version 1. And then I would go on to add all of the things listed above, and then it would be version 18 or something by the time I consider the project finished :smiley:

So I wish you good luck, and please see what kind of projects are sold here, so you would better understand what you need to “deliver”.

I saw many typography template with only text animation with good sell, i know that is not a wonderfull template but everythings is automaticly resizable and with csv text that you can can lauch litteraly the render in 2 second.

Yes (sorta), but yours doesn’t even have an interesting text animation. If you only have a text animation to offer in your template, it better be good and original. Yours is neither.

And those projects with just a text animation many times have extra small details, like a tiny glitch, or a dust effect or something else, which make them great. And also keep in mind to check when those projects were approved/uploaded. Something that was a great project in 2018 with only a text animation, would not get approved today potentially.

Cause the 2018 projects text animation ideas between 2018 and now almost 2024 have been copied, used and remixed by many authors, in their own projects. Resulting in hundreds of similar-looking but yet unique projects. But that’s it, now if you want to create a similar looking project to that 2018 project, you need to work really hard in finding new ways to “reinvent” the same simple text animations in a new way, so that they alone would be enough.

Or you can add more value in different ways as I mentioned above, or with completely unique approaches and ideas. Like maybe instead 2D simple text animations, its 3D text, or virtual reality text? Or AI text? Or whatever idea you can come up with and execute :smiley: I hope you will understand.