Advice regarding Threaded comments should be adequately styled

Can i have some advice regarding soft reject?

  1. Threaded comments should be adequately styled:

I don’t understand what reviewer want to do here.


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I think you should care about the design to match with your theme. Also reply link should get some design to look meaningful. Comments & date font style look like same, they should be designed uniquely.

There is no depth, no indication of the comments hierarchy.

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Do you hve any ideea how need to be or with other words what need to do?

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You need to intend comments which needs to be intended.

Reply to reply


It seems like they already are, but it needs to be much more visible.

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But i have like this
Please see:

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You need much more visible left margin for child comments.

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you can check one of my item comments hierarchy

Thank you

Can you advice me with this also?
Please improve the mobile menu styling:

I understand, need to be better, but what is “ugly” here?

Thank you

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you can make each child category hierarchy margin-left: 30px;
in your screenshot difficult to display which one is the parent category.


What do you think, is enought?


no, they are not the right order and menu hierarchy is not meaningful.
you can check screenshot from one of my mega menu item:

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Thank you so much.
Can you tell me please, here what you understand?

  1. There are a few inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. I’d like you to go over it with a fine toothed comb and weed out these basic design issues. Example(s): and more.

In this image, where spacing/padding ? On 19 comments? I don’t understand why reviewer show that div with width size.

I upload here full version of page .

Thank you so much for your help.

Your comments have no left padding after they reach depth 5. You should not target each level specifically for this (as I assume you are doing now), but do it for the whole comments thread like ul ul { padding-left: 30px; } (this is just an example, not the actual code you should use of course).

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Thank you,
I didn’t saw that, thank you for this fix.

But regarding rev text , what do you think?

Thank you again.

you should take care all ul/ol list items

I made after wp default theme. I will fix.


First time i checked that is Gutenberg compatibility ON,
and because of this it past over 2 months from upload and soft reject


Is enought if i uncheck gutenberg or put off or i need to delete all css where i add for gutenberg?
I know that need to be Gutenberg ready but is to much for few px another soft and lose to much time… in rest all are good.

Thanks all for help

The right screenshot looks ok to me. But I am not sure I understand your question. What a basic typography has anything to do with Gutenberg?

Anyway, omitting the Gutenberg support is a very shortsighted approach. Your goal should be to make a theme which sells well, not just a theme which pass the reviews. I assume you are not doing this just because of a warm feeling to have an item on ThemeForest, but you actually want to make money from it, right? In that case, make it as much future-proof as possible which means make it compatible with Gutenberg. If you are in the Soft Reject loop then it means you are pretty close to the approval, just push little bit harder and it will be worth it in the end.
You will be selling this theme for years, additional few weeks of polishing shouldn’t really matter in the grand scope of things. You will be glad you did it properly in the end.

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if you mean issues with ul/ol (in left side image in screenshot) then why you not using a common css for all ul/ol which will work as ike: padding-left: 30px;

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