Advice please

New to this. I have a domain and hosting. Looks for a travel theme which is photography style. I would like a Menu with eg Beaches and drop down dog friendly beaches etc rinse repeat for Food and so on. Static front page with the images that link to the Beaches etc …
Help appreciated
Thanks in advance

Maybe something like this?

Thank you - I like the photo idea- My hope is for a Menu with e.g beaches, walks, etc - Then Beaches drops down to dog friendly beaches. Each main section of the menu eg Beaches links to one of the photos on the static home page. Does that make any sense ?

But that’s something that you’d do yourself, right? This theme includes drop down menus, you just need to change the text and links.

Or are you talking about a single page website? One where all the content is on one page, and the links simply scroll to different parts of the page.

I can create the menus and content and that is the fun part. I would like a static front page with the photos that link to the menus. I think that is a sort of mix between both of your suggestions. I fancied calling the posts Stories - to avoid the ever rolling pages