Advice on what plugins to use for my website idea.

Hi there, my name is Carl

I have a huge idea on designing a website for online personal training, however my knowledge on plugins and capabilities of themes and such is very limited.

Currently I am using The 7 theme.

My idea is that my clients have a client portal that they log in to and stream my personalised videos that I create for them.
The thing is, I also have group classes that I do. I am wondering if there is a way to upload videos to a database and give them certain tags like “taichi group” or “once a week one-on-one_week one” or “thrice a week one-on-one_week 2_day 3” or “legs” or “tennis elbow rehab”… to give a few examples. Then when clients sign up, I assign tags to them based on their needs and what they can afford/what they have paid for. Then videos start showing up for them over time as the days go.

A completely personalised experience with possible one on one text discussions or group discussions based on their tags so I can keep in touch with them.

Its a big project, I have a decent web designer helping me (my partner), but his experience is limited and he’s never done a project of this scale.

If anyone can just point us in the direction of some good plugins/widgets/whatever that will be really useful to us, I’d be really really grateful.

Signed: a hopeful and lost entrepreneur.

Something like this would be tens of thousands of $ to build and you would be inviting issues to try and hack together a plugin/stock solution.

If you have ’ a decent web designer helping’ then 110% the right solution is to build this for purpose and not depend on third parties to support, update, manage, maintain what will become the fundamental pillars of your website.

There are LMS style themes that might get your started, but these are still only a building block that will require a lot more development

There are also some significant ongoing hosting and security costs that will be required if you plan to host a lot of video, and if you plan for the website to become busy.

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Thanks so much for your perspective and your reply.

Ok, so if I were to simplify the process a little better by removing a lot of automation and implementing a lot more manual input from my side (eg. instead of videos generated by their tags, I just keep a database on their tags and perhaps a database on video links on youtube with connected tags and each sunday I log in and assign videos based on where they are in their training, how they are feeling, etc) would it be more doable on a smaller scale?

If so, could I use external plugins to achieve this? If so, what plugins would I find helpful?

edit: sorry if I sound like I am asking to be spoonfed, I’m just a bit lost at this stage with my limited knowledge.

Bottom line - “more things going on (especially those managed manually) = more things to go wrong.” This is a problem when relying on external authors and third parties.

Can your developer not code a solution to your requirements?

If you are set on using stock options then I suggest you look at the LMS themes and plugins and see if any of these would help as a starting point.