Advice on Trailer track structure (soft reject)

I’ve just had my first tracks reviewed and i have two soft rejects and one hard reject (not sure why the third one was hard rejected as it sounds very similar to the other two but there you go)

One of the reasons given for the soft rejections were that it “sounds like a lot of variation that need to be split up into separate files”.

Now i’ve been taught to make sure the different sections of a trailer track (intro, build up, climax, outro) are separated by silences, so that the video editors can use the different sections how they wish. But it seems audio jungle see them as different variations.

Should i not include the “video editor silences” when submitting Trailer tracks to audio jungle? Or just always split my tracks up into separate files?

How do other people that follow Trailer track structures in their tracks do it?

Ok, so i split my track up into different sections but i got another soft rejection saying they don’t allow tracks to be split up in this way.

How exactly do i make “variations”?

It’s one single track split up into intro, buildup, climax 1, climax 2, outro.

The first soft rejection said

"This sounds like a submission full of variations so you need to split these into individual files inside the zip and also list the in the description like this:

Item 1: 1:00
Item 2: 0:30

Please note that you must always write the actual duration of each variation on the description, this is mandatory. Writing their position on the preview is optional.

… and also fill out the additional track lengths field as well."

But then when i gave individual files for all the different sections they said,

"We do not allow for tracks to be split up into different sections like this.

You can always offer different variations highlighting some of the sections of the track, but the full track needs to be available without silences."

So, not sure what to do. Any advice?

I think we would probably need to hear the track to have a better idea of what is going on?

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Yes,posting a track here would be a great desicion )
Just upload it to Soundcloud with AJ watermark over music and live link here.

Thanks but not necessary any more. Basically AJ do not allow tracks with gaps of silence in them.

Not sure how any of the racks will get used for Trailers?

I’ve been taught that separating the sections with silences is essential for video editors and therefore essential for getting your track picked.

Actually I can’t remember any of trailer music that has pause between sections.It may have some sub drop or a whoosh,or a sting.Well it usually has some kind of a transition element between intro and build-up.Or build-up and hook.
So, I belive that it either your mentor didn’t explained well or you understand his words in wrong manner.
It’s hard to tell unless we’ve heard the track.
P.S.Could you,please, put 2-3 links from trailers of top products(movies,games) with pauses between sections?

The finished Trailers don’t have gaps, it’s purely for the video editors.

It’s not just one person that has mentioned this format. As well as the course I took, it’s also been mentioned several times over on Gearlutz (Music for Picture) and VI Control.