Advice on sample rejected song please.

Can you listen to this song and tell me how I can improve my next submission.
Is it that the song is crap - composition - choice of instruments or - the sound quality - clarity, compression, limiting, reverbs, pans or anything else? It’s only a minute long.
Perhaps they don’t need anything like this at the moment or they don’t like it? At the moment I don’t know how to make my songs any better quality. Please help, I’m confused. The “w” is for watermark. Thx. Doug.

The guitar hook seems a bit too repetitive for the length of the track, I think the form and structure could be more dynamic too.

Bells melody is out of tact.

Thx OTT. How do you mean, “out of tact”?

Hey thx Hickey, I get the guitar hook but how do you mean - more dynamic?

To be more specific for you, look at the musical form of the track, by which I mean overall architecture and structure of it, things like this will make the track more dynamic, therefor more interesting to listen to.

Binary, medley, ternary, rondo and variational forms are just a few examples from basic music theory to help you. Right now, your piece is very ‘strophic’, a form defined by repetition. But bare in mind that you don’t have to follow these rigid ideas, they are just listed as an example.

Er, right! You mean it needs to breathe more with a bit more variation in arrangement?

Hey Hickey, the quality of the recording was okay?

Is the bell melody EDE DD? I think @OnTheTune means the second D should land on beat 4. Right now it is on the last 16th note of bar 2, beat 3. I also think you have a better chance if you market this track as a lullaby instead of “inspiring.” Slow it down, and make the sounds a bit dreamier with compression and reverb. Since it’s rather repetitive, I would package the item with loops so the user can decide how long or short they want the piece to be.

Thx IK, I’ll check that out (the note placement). Your other ideas are interesting, thank you.

Definitly too repetitive!
The idea would work as A-Section as a song, than do some alteration to your motifs and harmony in a B-Section, than introduce the A-Section again.

And a little voiceleading tip: On ligatures, the dissonances resolve best to the consonant directly BELOW it. Your glock (kinda glock) melody keeps resolving upward which is great as it tricks the listener by making the melody feel unresolved. But esp. at the ending of a Song-Section should ( at least if you want to achieve a simple apealing ending for the listeners ears) the voiceleading resolve in it’s most natural way. And the harmony should of course end at the tonic with roots as outer voices. That’s not so obviously heard by most tho.

Thx Widekeys. I agree it need at least another section/transition. I see what you mean about the glock/bell never resolving - it gets tedious staying up on the end of the lines. I did mean the feeling to be floating, but it could resolve down at strategic points, as could the harmony.