Advice on rejection

Hello all. New to Audio Jungle and this forum. Just attempted my first song and got my first rejection. Any advice or critiques is greatly appreciated.

The track is too monotonous, the drums is too much poor and out of tempo sometimes, and the rhythm guitar sometimes too.
Try to create a melody over the rhythm guitar, this can help.


I agree with @Manriquedelara on all points, plus:

  • Bass sounds very undefined and lost in the mix.
  • Track is too long in the present state.
  • Rhythm guitar feels too far at right in the stereo field with nothing at left to balance it properly (a bit better in this regard at the end when the high strummed notes appear at left, but still not optimal).
  • There’s a big flaw around 1:31 where the rhythm guitar jumps in a weird way. It’s a thing to avoid for stock music (AudioJungle likes their tracks pretty tight, in general).

I think you need to make it more solid and concise in most aspects (rhythm, mix & structure).

Hope this feedback can help you a bit. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

In addition to the responses you received above:

With regard to your mix - - -
A/B your track with a popular song that has similar instrumentation. You could start with pretty much any popular guitar-based soft rock from the '70s - Jim Croce, America, John Denver, etc.

Does your guitar sound like the record? How about the snare? The kick drum? The bass? And so on down the line.

Then, keep working at it until it does sound like the record…

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Thank you all for the advice and taking the time to listen

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Please check out the ReMastered Version!:blush:

It sounds very bright and lively. Maybe I should have consulted you before my submission. :rofl::joy:

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Thanks! @DavidJames3
I’m glad you like my work!

Hi there,

You’ve got some nice things going there. In addition to what has already been written, in general it could use tightening up on the timing and decide if you want it to swing or not, because it kind of feels like both. Also you might consider updating the chord progression a little bit, such as going to A minor instead of F major the second time, or something like that, to give it a little distinctive character.


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Great job with that remaster!


Thanks! iwritemusic