Advice on connecting forums, website and directory


I am looking for advice on the following…

I would like to connect a few themes together under the one domian I.e a Forum, Directory and the main website, what would be the best way of doing this? I would also like there to be just one login for all.

Any help would be much appreciated :wink:


This Might help you solve your problem:

The other way you can do so is to install multiple wordpress instances and synchronize users. Here is a plugin that might help:

Thank you for the reply,

I have looked at this option but didn’t think it would work, I will look at it again.

I have spoken to my hosting company and they advised that I create a new website for each the forum and directory using sub domains ?

What option in your opinion. Would be the best way to go as both the forum and directory will have a lot of content and might overload.

I am new to most of this, so really want to get things right before I jump in at the deep end.

Thank you