Advice on a rejected track


First I would like to say thank you to the review team for their great work!
I was hoping to make good sales with this item but probably I made some mistakes on this music because the song was rejected.
When you work hours on a track you can’t hear the big mistakes because probably your ear is tired…
Thanks for your help, I am sure you will find beter than me what wrong with this music :slight_smile:

Great track, congrats! Love the atmosphere. I really don’t think this one deserves to be rejected.

No big mistakes on this track but here is a list of “issues” that could maybe be the cause of rejection:

0:24 - The modulation (not sure it’s the correct word in English) could be seen as problematic as it is disruptive.

0:36 - the violin run sounds a bit artificial

0:49 - Again, modulation could be a turn off for reviewers

1:14 - same thing

1:14-1:38 - The brass sound a bit weak and artificial

1:40 - I understand that your preview includes a short version as well, right? If not, there’s an issue there.

I think the main issue is the modulations that make the track too specific for a broad appeal. On it’s own, your track is great though!

Hi PurpleFogSound,

Thank you so mutch for your feedback.
I understand the word “modulation” because I am french. I use this halftone modulation because I think we are use to it. Maybe I should use a 5th degree chord to make the thing less disruptive…
There is no short versions. I should have submit a short version of the track.
The legato string is from Vienna VSL…
No worries this is the rule and sometime we have less chance…

The modulations do work musically. I think they make the track really interesting, but they are not practical for editing reasons.
If you didn’t include a short version, then I really do not understand the part after 1:40. It sounds like a true ending and then there is more, but no dynamic connection between the two. You should either get rid of the last part or try to connect it to the rest of the track.
The track has a lot of potential, but you may have to make a simplified version for AJ.
Anyway, good luck if you choose to adapt and resubmit :slight_smile:

Anyway even if the track could make some sales like it is, I did not loose all my time if I try to improve it and get more skills on producing stock music. Maybe I will or go ahead to other tracks. Thanks again and good luck for your sales!!

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@Music_MT , very nice track dude. It probably gor rejected because of all those modulations. @PurpleFogSound , explained it all, but I must say that I really like this track !!

Good luck dude !!!

Thank you mate! The community is so nice on AJ!
I use very often this kind of modulations. I think the track will be too repetitive without this. But apparently I have to think about it.
Good luck for your sales!