Advice Needed to create a multi-location WordPress website for Restaurant?



Does anyone know how make a WordPress website for Multiple locations for a Restaurant? We are using the NUVO theme. Each location is on the same domain, but will need different navigation menus - same menus, they will just display the different information when clicked.

I’ve been researching this a lot but have yet to find an acceptable solution. Here are some solutions I’ve been told will work:

Idea #1: A friend of mine recently had some advice, after he created a site for a laundromat. He created custom post type for “locations,” used ACF for all the fields to be associated with each location and created a custom template in the theme. Out of the box, WordPress can handle the taxonomy stuff, automatically, if you’ve enabled pretty permalinks. Here are some recources to consider:

Idea #2:

" If you want custom main navigation menus I am sure there is a plugin to do that, but it just a few lines of php code; however the customary practice with an entity that has multiple locations, divisions, etc., is not to have a custom main nav, and instead you add custom sidebar menus via the built in ‘custom menu’ widget.

This way the main brand is maintained via a common main nav and then in your case you use a sidebar menu for links to location specific content like a menu for location 4. This way your permalinks structure is semantic.

If you don’t want a menu in the sidebar, then add a secondary menu above the h1 tag."

Idea #3:
Just make 2 one pagers and and make a landing page as an entry to both.

My desired result is a top navigation menu across the top of the page that changes depending on which location you are at on the website. Is it possible to have a custom menu that changes depending on where in the site you happen to be??