Advice for starting, use old existing or new account? Which is better.

Hello Envato community,

I have my envato profile for around 3+ years already and I have around 5 sells on 2 items that I uploaded just for testing and nothing serious. However, I am planning rather soon to start boosting content and using the platform daily and I am asking myself if it will be better to create a new profile and start or to use my current one? The main difference I see is that on my old profile it you can easily see that I have the profile from couple of years and not much done until now, in contrast in the new account I will have everything fresh and recent.

Let me know your thoughts, open for different advice as well or topics to chat.

I’d better create new one/ Maybe one day somebody can look on your profile and think “Well, this man use envato during many years and have only 10 purchases… maybe something wrong with his quality”

But in fact, not many customers thinking about this