Advice for New Template

I’m building a new template please take a look at this template and let me know your views and advice so that i can make it more suitable for themeforest and also i can improve my designing skills.

Any advice??? or I’m at wrong place???

With ll due respect you are a long way off the standard for here.

There are numerous issues with basics like typography, spacing, margins and so on.


  • Typography really needs addressing everywhere
  • The ‘architects you must start with’ on hover there’s no margin in the content
  • In development projects have three different hover/item effects and don;t link anywhere
  • Alignment is all over the place
  • None of the menu links go anywhere?

I’d suggest checking files already for sales and understand the necessary refinement and attention to detail in design

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Okkk… Thanks for the great advice… Menu links will start to work once it will be complete because I haven’t linked pages yet. And ill follow your advice on some margins issues… And hope ill get my first item approved… And I’m working so hard for that and its not that bad let me link some other pages so that you can understand what I’m building…

Hi, i’ve done so much change to this template please let me know about my mistakes so that i can solve those problems… Linking is not done yet…

Sorry but everything I said before still stands -

Alignment, spacing and margins are all over the place

Typography is still way way off

There are endless inconsistencies throughout and a severe lack of attention to detail

Mobile optimisation issues

The design itself (even if you fixed the above issues does not feel modern enough or premium.

Sorry to be harsh but better to save time being wasted - just compare it to the big selling files on TF already and you should see the difference in quality and detail

Yes, may be you’re right because you are more experienced then me after all… but I’ve been comparing my website with this and I’ve also asked too many people about the comparing results and they all are keep telling me that you’re on the the same way as it template on… and yes I’m totally agree with your first opinion as, all others said the same… but is this template looking that much amature to you. Even when all other saying it good now…
Please don’t mind… if my words hurting you sorry… :slight_smile:

It makes no difference to me and is of course only my opinion. There’s nothing stopping you carrying on with it.

Maybe others will come forward with suggestions here to and they may (or may not share my view).

Personally (again just my opinion) you can’t compare it with that other approved one.

Good luck if you stick with it

Actually, I must obey your advice because still you’re doing favor to me… and now i can understand that you’re indirectly telling me to keep add changes to your template till you got the awesome one… so okk from now I’ll try to make it more premium and best than others. Thanks for the good advise at least you’re doing good for me… Thanks charlie :slight_smile:

Again it’s nothing personal but for example (and fixing just these will not solve the problem).

  • Have you checked it on a phone? There are several problems that would mean ti is not optimised and guaranteed rejection

  • Why is there a missing widget in the footer? (attention to detail)

  • Why so many different typefaces and font styling?

Take that one you compared to - just look at the consistency and accuracy throughout.

Ohh actually footer isn’t ready yet, and other pages like other index versions and internal pages are good… but ok I’ll make typefaces same throughout the website, Yes now I’ll also change the header pattern. Ya I’ve checked it on several mobiles OS like android ( several screen resolution ) and windows but not on iOS yet… and on android powered devices it’s working like charm and little bit issue only on windows (working on these issues), but can’t say about iPhone…??

Ah ok well I can only see IOS and you definitely need to look at the CSS. To be honest I owuld work on completing the whole thing first and then address mobile

Okkk Sire thanks for the advice now I’ll concentrate on these issues.

Hi, charlie, I’ve done so much change, please let me know if now I am on the right way, like you want me… Linking is done for some pages… so you can now browse other pages also… Please help me out…

I haven’t seen your site when you’ve first created this thread so I can’t tell if you made any progress, but right now you are pretty far from required quality standards. Typography is poor and whole design looks very unfinished. You should really work on your skills before try to submit anything here. There are heaps of articles on internet to help you get better.

Have you checked all the pages or the problem is only in homepage… And pls let me know if i should remove any unnecessary element…

Just changed the header style… Now let me know…

It’s an improvement on where you were and the extra pages etc all help but still a long way off for here.

With all due respect - making little tweaks here and there is not going to solve your problem… the design itself is very outdated and there are still fundamental issues with typography, margins, alignment and especially consistency.

I agree completely with @LSVRthemes comments.

It just feels like a bunch of bits piled together rather than any logical hierarchy to the site.

Again a serious need for attention to detail e.g. (not limited to):

  • why icons on two nav items but not others?

  • progress counters mis-aligned to the page and random empty space to the right

  • Still numerous different typographic inconsistencies throughout (again makes it feel like a bunch of items from other inspiration sites bundled together)

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Okk… But I’m taking all your advice very seriously… and I’ll work hard to make it a approved one. Thanks for your advice.

Guys please look at this topic too. Give some feedback for soft reject.