Advice for Authors making YouTube Intro Motion Graphics

Here’s some advice for you hard working authors who make intros for the YouTube platform. Because I went looking for an intro today and MOST of the intros there FAIL in one very important area… TIME.

Authors, you need to know your audience, people who will buy these intros from you. Every YouTuber worth their salt knows that TIME is of the essence. They already know that a viewer will switch off if he’s subjected to any intro over seven seconds or so… Yes that’s right… SEVEN seconds MAX !!!

Some of these intros are laughable, running at over a minute!!! A YouTuber knows their audience will be long gone by then. Look, I know you love your work, and I’m sure it’s really cool and all… But if you really want to sell it, you have to keep them amazing, but SHORT !! VERY SHORT!

I hope this advice helps you.

A YouTuber.