Advice for a new(ish) author

Hi All, I joined up mid August 2017. Started off with 3 items, now have 13 up currently. Have sold 14 items to date, a little slow but this is what I expected to start off with. I also joined another site at the same time, but have had absolutely ZERO sales. Am seriously considering switching to exclusive with Audio Jungle.

I guess I just wanted to ask if this seems about right to most of you out there i.e higher sales with AJ, and the very gradual/slow rise in sales as a new author?

Look forward to hearing from you, JB

Hi Justin - Just a quick note that, by forum policy, you shouldn’t list out any competing websites. A quick edit will solve this: “another site” will work.

As for your question, my experience has been it is a slow start for many authors including myself, regardless of the website. On average, it will take time to build your portfolio and garner growing sales numbers. As some have said, it’s not a sprint but rather a marathon.

Good luck on your journey! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, glad I’m not on my own in this!