Advice/Feedback for Rejected Track

This is a dark/ambient track that was rejected yesterday. The intent for this piece is to be used for basic evil video game and tabletop roleplaying game scenarios. What can I improve on this? Should I rework this and resubmit, or should I trash it and start fresh?

Hey, I think this track is pretty nice. I can’t give a lot of technical feedback hence I am not a video game composer (except maybe for the cymbals which sound a lil bit harsh and the snares sound a bit too dry to fit in the mix)

but I think the main reason for rejection is the length and how progressive it is. Audiojungle’s niche is background/stock music not specific things (e.g. video game OST).

I personally would try to focus on a part of it and make the whole composition based around that part in a way and not go too far in terms of time (2 minutes or something max). Keep it as simple as possible.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ll try shorter and simpler.

Hey there,

I think RedLeafMusic has a good point with “The track might be too long”.

I am not sure, if it is too evolving. Regarding this I am lacking of experience here on AJ, hehe. Still some more points, which came to my mind:

  • The micro dynamic seems rather flat in the specific voices. Real instrument players will always have at least some kind of micro dynamic in a single note. Your piece seems more like “flat notes”. I would always try to record the voices live with a masterkeyboard and use the dynamic automation you can get out of your virtual instruments a lot! Better is to also vary the vibrato, if possible. I do this for every voice (even on synths). Live recorded is always humanized. (-;
  • I am not sure, if this might be bad for AJ (I assume it also could be a good thing here on AJ after all), but still I just mention it anyway: the overall dynamic seems rather flat to me as well. Like there is mainly just one dynamic without climaxes or similar. IN a cinematic context, I would try to make it exciting with dynamic variations.
  • Mixing wise it seems like the deep base drum is pumping (around 8 seconds into the piece). This sounds odd. If you cannot make a piece louder, let it be, but do not try to limit a track flat, just “to be loud”. Luckily in this kind of genre you do not even have to be loud anyway.
  • The used virtual instruments in this piece seem to lack a bit of legato. Especially the beginning brass sound a bit fake, in my opinion. Either it’s a lack of programming or a lack of your equipment. Even without the best equipment: try to cover such things with any technique you can think of (overlap the non-legato samples, use maybe more polyphony to trick the listeners mind, etc.).

Good luck ! (=

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Much appreciated! Dynamic contrast and mixing has always been something I struggled with when composing. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting for the past couple of years, but I know I’m a long way from the pros. Comments like these help me greatly.

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