Advice before I begin to purchase a theme and develop my site


I’m and end consumer searching for advice before I begin to purchase a theme and develop my site. I’m looking to create a site that fuses a couple theme ideas together. I want a location directory site with the power of a digital market place. None of the predesigned themes for easy digital downloads or directory sites really have the features and flexibility I’m looking for or even the features of some of the multipurpose sites. I’m faced with a few options. What option below would be the easiest route to take to get my site up and running with minimum fuss?

Option #1 Use directory site theme and add easy digital downloads plugin then fix any CSS missing data to get it to match the directory site theme.

Option #2 Use Easy Digital Download theme and use plugin like geodirrectory plugin to add directory look and function to site, add on any other functionality and fix any css issues.

Option #3 Use popular multipurpose site them and add both easy digital downloads plugin and geodirrectory plugin, fix any issues.

Please note products specifically linked to or mentioned are for example. Overall I’m leaning towards option #3 but I would like to know if that is a mistake and why.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Hello Brian,

Maybe is good to use directory template and woocommerce. You can sell and digital goods over woocommerce. I have made plenty woo sites and they are selling everything from plate to house.