Advice and prevent future rejection

So, I uploaded my first file design and i’m unsure why my design got rejected and i’m not sure what kind of rejection it was. If it was a soft rejection or a hard rejection. What is the different between both? But any case, it got rejected. Can I get some input or advice on why it got rejected and how to prevent anymore rejection in the future?

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Here is the link.

Hello @jenkins33

Here is a short article which might help regarding the difference between soft&hard rejection:

Here are some common rejection reasons:

And I’m sure our friendly themeforest authors who read this topic will help with other recommendations regarding design :wink:

All the best!

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Do you have licenses/agreements to use the CodeCanyon script this is built on? I thought you had to have a unique license of that script for each site using it?

With respect yours looks like a green version of the original script - even the sign-up form is identical

In truth, I am absolutely stunned that it’s still even for sale given how much of a rip off of Facebook it is

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I do have a copy of the license that I purchased directly from the author of the script on CodeCanyon. The different from the original and my own is the inside of it have a 3 columns design to it throughout.
Profile, dashboard, pages and groups have a 3 columns design.
The login/front page is a little different also from the original.

And you have licenses and permission to use it in your item?

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Those that purchase a copy of the script are allow to make customization to it.

You can make customisations but you can’t resell / include it in another item for sale here without permission of the original author and an extended license


I see what your saying. You’re referring to the extended license not the regular license?

Yes BUT you also have to have permission from the original author to include it in your file

The license on its own is not enough