Advice and opinions appreciated on rejected music

Hey friends! Does anyone feel like it’s harder to get music approved than it was before (before meaning like a year ago)? Or maybe my audio quality / composition abilities are lacking recently. Not sure. I’ve used different people to master my music and recently have been mastering my own music. Is my mastering ability not cutting it? Did I master too quiet?

I was especially surprised that this one got rejected:

I’ve made some other Peruvian / Andean - style instrumentals and they are my best sellers on AJ.
I feel like this instrumental is better than those songs. (Please see my profile if you have time. Both songs have “Peru Acoustic” in the titles)

Is it worth contacting AJ directly about this? I’m thinking so many people contact them that they’d probably just send me a link.

If I do make improvements in either the composition or the mastering, can I resubmit?

Thanks so much for your time guys/gals,


Hello Zack,
No you DON’T should resubmit if u improve only mixing and mastering like EQ etc.

I have noticed first that the song is not balanced in the frequency spectrum.
I checked your bestsellers and there are worlds between to the rejected item you posted here.

There are tipps and tricks videos on youtube how to balance songs with the help of pink noise. I recommend to check out how pink noise looks in a spectrum analyzer. Songs like you produce I would master with a RMS about minus 7-9 db.

Just want to say " A view weeks ago I found a new Hip Hop song with no limiter at all here"

Great Tunes :slight_smile: GLWS
kind regards Patrick, Berlin

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Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate it!

I got the track mastered. Does this sound better to you? Does it sound good enough for approval and to sell?

Thanks again for taking the time!