Advice after reject

Hello everyone,
I have collected my fourth reject and would like to ask for an opinion on my corporate track and advice on how to improve it.

You can hear it here:

Thanks so much for your help


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Filippo, what happened to your drums? What happened to your song evolution? All what I can hear is a 4-bar pattern of a palm muted guitar, a 4 bar piano pattern (with an overused reverse effect). That’s too boring from a customers view. Why did you make your drums so silent?
You need to listen to the tracks of successful authors here. Compare that to your mix.
And one more hint: AudioJungle hosts now nearly 75326 inspiring motivotional corporate tracks with palm muted guitars and piano. If you don’t have a chord progression or something other, which makes your track very unique and “killer”, I assume you will not sell in this category. Same thing will happen with an Happy Ukulele track.
Try to find niche category. Do not try to copy track styles in this over saturated corporate category.

I understand, these are very useful tips, thank you very much!