It’s been about 2 years since I’ve actively advertised project files anywhere on the internet, so I was wondering, what are the more effective paid avenues that seem successful these days?

Envato Tuts+? Google AdWords/display ads? Is Facebook just as useless as it has always been?

No rules for me Tyson, from paid search advertising, blog ads, display advertising to the Social Media ads. All i have is 700k+ click through, 746 registered members and i have no idea how many sales were driven thru those channels. I was also doing experiment, where i was promote items from other authors, or my march campaign with single item ad, there is no rules. All i know is a good blog that can drive you quality traffic, but it’s hard to be recognized in the crowd.
Last few months my Twitter account is growing i hope that will bring something new.

If there is anyone else who can share their experience about paid advertising feel free to post here, i’m also interested in this.

It’s almost a year now that I am using Adwords to promote my projects… but as Miseld says it’s very difficult to know if it has an impact on sales…

I put 1 or 2€ a day for [Volumax] ( and recently I tried even 10€ for 2 days to see if it was doing something…and I did’t sale more, no impact on envato Stats.

I am really septical on google Adwords, I should stop but just afraid to loose some sales… I might stop in the weeks comig.

I tried Facebook too and it was very expensive with no impact.
That’s it for my experience.

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Hey @MotionRevolver, for me personally it’s all about email marketing. I’ve experimented with multiple paid ad platforms (Adwords, buysellads, Facebook and others…) but can’t really recommend any as being the best or most effective.

I believe that the best way to promote items online is by using email marketing, and collecting email addresses via an active blog and other techniques which I detailed in my recent series of posts -

The one marketing strategy that works
How to build a targeted mailing list

Note that in the series I refer to organic social media traffic (and not specifically to advertising), but I believe the same principals apply here. My bottom line is that email marketing done right, is the best and most effective way to connect with your target audience and market your items to them.


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Some great insight here guys, thanks for the feedback. It sounds like there really isn’t a magic bullet anymore. 3 years ago, ae.tutsplus was a cash cow… it was expensive to advertise but it really seemed to drive significant traffic and sales.

With the market being so oversaturated at this point, it seems much more difficult to stand out from the crowd. I suppose the best course of action is to try all available avenues and see what works.

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One thing I forgot to say, google adwords can easely get your item TRENDING by giving extra visitors.
That can inderectly boost sales … i suppose…