Advertising Area for Envato Elements 😕

Hello friends and Happy New Year :wink:
Advertising Area for Envato Elements at the top of the page stands for a very very long time. Therefore, because of this, sales are going very badly. Do you agree with this!?
Every time when I see this promo banner I know that sales will go very poorly :confused:

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Hello @Expirium ! If you missed: this question has already been answered, so the banner will not disappear anywhere. The banner will stay there as long as Envato needs it.
Paragraph “Market <> Elements traffic and cross promotion” .

We just need to continue to work as before…
Good luck!

Thank you @CleanMagicAudio
But… that’s not fair! However…

We do not decide honestly or dishonestly, for this case there is the most senior employee of Envato (the founder of this market), and he decides this. We simply either “work here” or not. :wink:

this does not answer his question …

I wrote my opinion on this subject earlier (not in this thread) and I will not repeat it. :slightly_smiling_face: All it is already solved and the answer was received. :slightly_smiling_face:

ah ok i have a better understanding :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m glad. :slightly_smiling_face:

From the topic of answers (where did the Collis answer):
“While it’s pretty annoying, the traffic diverted from Market item pages is minimal (0.18% of visitors actually click through).”

I do not agree with this that only a banner affects sales decline, there are a bunch of other aspects apart from the banner (although the banner also negatively affects sales, but this is not a the main reason for the decline in sales in the Envato market).

@n2n44 I answered this question in full.
Good luck!

Okay…in other words…we are working to promote Envato Elements and in return, we get nothing. Beautiful! :thinking:

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You get nothing? You get a platform to sell digital products and make money, a place where you don’t have to worry about the technicalities and legalities, all the sales and payouts are handled for you, about 630 people work so that YOU can have such a platform.

Yes…u r right…but all this what you say is possible without the Envato Elements banner at the top of the page. When a potential customer notices this banner he immediately leaves GraphicRiver page. If I was a customer…I would do the same.

This morning I wake up and made coffee…I hoped the Elements banner was removed…and…surprise…I notice another much larger section for Envato Elements on every possible page…holy cow!!!