Advertisement in theme previews

Do Envato allow ads placement in theme previews? AdSense for example. I was unable to find any relevant information in the author help files.

Not sure if you could or not but better not to do

Why you want to use ads, its harmful for the advertiser but you can display google adsense with demo mode so it will not generate any earning from previews.

Why? Theme preview doesn’t necessarily mean meaningless content, also it might be restricted to particular pages.

The purpose of using AdSense, in your theory, it’s to gain some advantages from visits by users who check the content. It doesn’t aim anything to fulfill the content - in that case, you could just use “advertise here” banners.

the item matches the description given by you on the item preview page, as well as any item preview;

On the other hand, it may be the violation of the rules:

  1. As an author you promise to us that:
    you will not use Envato Market to offer non-Envato goods or services to buyers;

Here’s the link :

Thanks, that second quote actually is a crucial one and answers my question :slight_smile: