Advanced and feature-rich marketplace woocommerce theme

I’m looking for complex and advanced marketplace woocommerce theme in the market that could achieve all of the following:

  1. dokan multi vendor support (optional)
  2. able to sell both physical and downloadable products with proper integration
  3. can sell products for free
  4. selling digital goods such as courses, ebook, templates etc
  5. service/booking type marketplace
  6. micro job marketplace like Fiverr
  7. can make business directory/listing like yelp
  8. job board marketplace

It’s basically an all in one platform in one theme.

You won’t get close to this out of the box on a stock marketplace.

To achieve all that done properly and functioning together would be a complex build and easily tens of thousands of $ and require significant setup, resource, maintenance, hosting, security and management investment.

Is there anything or platform that come close to it, regardless of the price?

I can’t think of anything that would try and mix and match that much functionality.

I imagine that to set it up would be better done as a suite of individual services (a bit like envato marketplaces, envato studio, envato elements etc), as this would allow much greater control over each area form a resource, technical and business/legal point.

Aside from the tens-hundreds of thousand to build it up, there would be astronomical legal costs (especially if it functioned internationally) and to run it all properly would need a sizeable team of staff and easy thousands of a month in basic maintenance let alone if there was anything unexpected that ended up needing to be fixed.

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