Advance_search_date search field not working?


I am using ” Love Travel ” Theme. On home page slider added “advance search” shortcode:
#advsearch_1 #nicdark_advanced_search_tax-0 { display:none; }
#advsearch_1 #nicdark_advanced_search_tax-1 { display:none; }
#advsearch_1 #nicdark_advanced_search_tax-2 { display:none; }
#advsearch_1 #nicdark_advanced_search_tax-3 { display:none; }
#advsearch_1 #nicdark_advanced_search_button{ width: 15% ; }
#advsearch_1 #nicdark_advanced_search_prices{ width: 35% ; }

My question is:

In above shortcode ”#nicdark_advanced_search_dates” this line not mention but still “advance_search_dates” field coming on home page slider.

When I search the Packages or categories using “advance_search_dates” field Date wise i didn’t search anything. And Also when I click on start and end date filed “NAN” text show. so can you please help me to solve this very important issue?

This is URL of Website :

Thank you.


can you please tell me the solution?

You should contact the theme author for support. Forum is for general purposes but not for item support

Thank you.

I already contact theme author also but still not getting any reply.

For free support, there’s nothing you can do except wait. IF you’re looking for a paid support, you can purchase my service from the link below:

Actually, I purchase theme and contact to the theme forum.

Means I already purchased the “Love Travel” theme.

Then you should wait for the free support.


Thank you for your support.

Thanks :blush: