Ads Manager Plugin Needed

I am inserting advertising banners/images to a Word Press website using the Divi theme.

I want to be able to automate their rotation and insertion times. E.g. There are three images. Image One appears at 7am on February 8 in a pre-defined module. At 11am on February 8 it is replaced by Image Two. At 3pm on February 8 it is replaced by Image Three. At 6am on February 9 it is replaced by Image One, etc.

There will be 7 different spots I want to be able to set up different ad rotations all running at the same time and I want to be able to schedule a week to a month in advance.

In other places on page I have other images that I want to be able to rotate perhaps every 15 seconds.

Every image will have its own link to the advertisers website.

I want to be able to track when and how often images are viewed and clicked on.

I want the ads to appear in predefined spaces on the site in modules already created for them, not in spaces created by the plugin itself. Does that make sense. Having a hard time articulating this. Most plugins I see for this want to insert ads ‘before’ whatever content or ‘after’ the header, etc. I have specific modules set up I want to place short codes I guess to call the ads that will be place there.

Please let me know if you know of or have built a plugin capable of this. Thank you!!


If you like, I’m sure on the the website plugin developers on Envato Studio would be up for the job :smiley:


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