Adrien Gardiner (Our AJ Content Specialist) wrote a blog post featuring some of the best tracks he's heard this year! Want to see them?

Hey folks,

This is a list well worth browsing. It contains ten of (some) of the best tracks reviewed by the quality team in 2016 :slight_smile:

It’s well worth your time:


I’m glad to see this list. Definitely a step in the right direction to promoting some of the lesser known gems of the year. Thanks @ADG3studios for writing. Keep it up :slight_smile:


All excellent choices @ADG3studios! Very good representation of the AJ portfolio. :slight_smile:

Hello can you help me!? My account is locked!

I’m afraid I can’t do anything (and this is a little off topic in this thread!), but you can contact Help & Support here and they will happily look into it for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m really pleased to be on this list. 2016 has been great for me here in terms of seeing the potential of this market. I aim to take it to the next level in 2017!


Well done JMJ, I enjoyed hearing your track on the list