Hi there. I purchased a song for an intro and I keep on gettting hits from Adrev even after sending Youtube and Adrev team the proof of purchase. I am literally unable to unpload anything without it being flagged.

So far Youtube has not even bothered to answer me regarding this matter.
Adrev keeps on telling me via email that everything is fine on their side and the claims should stop but they don’t… This is really annoying

How should I proceed to untangle this mess?

You need to solve the issue with Adrev/YouTube. To avoid issues, upload the videos a while before ( hidden ) and let the YouTube system detect the songs then you could claim the right without being removed while your videos are online.

You may need to contact the author/artist and have them whitelist you. I had a similar issue with a client and their YouTube channel. I had to go in and whitelist their channel for the selected song. After a day or so, there was no more issues with them being flagged. Since you are using it for an intro and not a one off video, whitelisting your channel for the selected track is probably the better option in this case.

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